WRAL on Connected TVs


You can watch WRAL News live on your connected TV by downloading the WRAL app for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Samsung Smart TVs.

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  • Avatar
    James Feldman

    As of July 26 I can no longer receive WRAL on my Samsung TV. I have tried to download and this is the error message I get on screen. “Data Parse Error”. Retry or Exit.. I have been troubleshooting this with Samsung and they cannot fix this problem. They suspect it is an Application error. Can you help me? My number is 919-961-6161 and my name is James Feldman. Thank you.

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    Robert Jones

    Same issue here with Samsung app. Fortunately the app will now connect but the livestream is now longer there. I relied on that each morning to catch the local morning broadcast. Is that now permanently gone? Is it available on other devices

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