WRAL TV Missing WRAL & FOX 50 on AT&T U-verse?


Our channels are currently not airing on AT&T U-verse. Capitol Broadcasting Company stations WRAL and FOX 50 are affected and we apologize for the inconvenience to you. While we work to get this resolved, it’s always helpful, for you, the customer, to call AT&T U-verse and tell them you expect to get the channels you’re paying them for. That number is 1-800-288-2020. 

In the meantime, you can always watch WRAL/NBC and FOX 50/Fox Network for free in crystal clear HD with an over-the-air antenna, available at local big box stores or get one here.

Other ways to watch WRAL:

All WRAL newscasts are available live right here on WRAL.com or you can download the free WRAL channel app and stream the newscasts live on Roku, AppleTV and Fire TV.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.


What’s this about? Why is this happening?

We have been in a negotiation with AT&T U-verse to keep Capitol Broadcasting Company stations WRAL-TV, FOX 50 and WILM-TV on U-verse. The law requires AT&T U-verse, and all other satellite and cable companies, to negotiate with TV stations for the right to carry our signals to your home. Since they charge you to watch our channels, we are allowed to share in that revenue because they are using our programming. While cable and satellite companies would like you to believe local stations are responsible for the rates they charge you, remember, our stations are always free to you over the air with an antenna.

What can I do NOW?

Contact AT&T U-verse at 1-800-288-2020, and tell them WRAL-TV, NBC, FOX 50 and FOX network are important to you and that you expect those channels in the package you’re already paying for.

Are there other ways I can watch WRAL/FOX 50 while you're off AT&T U-verse?

Get an over-the-air antenna and watch for free without cable.

How do I watch using an antenna? Where do I get one?

Go to your local electronics store. Tell them you need a TV antenna that is suitable for reception of Raleigh-area stations at your address. Ask the salesperson for recommendations. They may be familiar with antennas that have performed well for customers in your area.

WRAL-TV’s tower is located to the southeast of Raleigh in Auburn, NC, about halfway between Garner and Clayton. In general, but not in every instance, if you live within fifteen miles from the transmitter, an indoor antenna may be sufficient.

To find the type of antenna you should look for and the compass heading of WRAL-TV’s antenna in relation to your home, try one of these resources:

Digital TV reception maps


Can I watch WRAL News online?

All WRAL newscasts are available live right here on WRAL.com or you can download the free WRAL channel app and stream the newscasts live on Roku, AppleTV and Fire TV.

I called AT&T U-verse and they said WRAL is the one that pulled the station off the air.

They take our signal over-the-air, and without an agreement, they physically stop delivering it to your house. By law, we have to give them our permission to retransmit our signal.

You want more money and my bill goes up. It's your fault.

The TV station has no say in how much AT&T U-verse charges you to watch our station. As a business, we want a fair market value for our programming as a share of the revenue AT&T U-verse charges you to watch our free channels. The law requires satellite and cable companies that retransmit local television signals to negotiate with stations for the right to carry those signals. This isn’t something Capitol Broadcasting controls, it’s the law.

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